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Huang Xiting


Huang Xiting, senior professor, advisor for doctoral students in psychology, consultant for the Academic Committee of Southwest University.

Prof. Huang is now director of Research Center for Psychology and Social Development. He once served as the associate director of China Psychological Association. Up till now he has published more than 50 textbooks, monographs, and translations, and many of which won prizes and awards of different levels. His publications also include over 600 peer-reviewed articles. In recognition of his outstanding contribution, Prof. Huang has been awarded a number of honors, including The National Teaching Model in China, The National Outstanding Scientific and Technological Researchers, First Award in Humanities and Social Sciences from the Ministry of Education, Leading Chinese Award from the State Council, First National Top Educator Award, and National Top Scholar by the Ministry of Personnel.

Time psychology and personality psychology are Prof. Huang’s current research focus. It is Prof. Huang who initiated the research in time psychology in China. He is also is the first scholar who introduced the view of value into textbook of personality psychology in China.

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