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Wenbo Che


Wenbo Che, Professor Emeritus, Jilin University, was born in 1931 in Fuyu, Jilin Province. After graduation from Beijing Normal University in 1952 with a master’s degree, he joined the Faculty of Department of Philosophy in Jilin University ever since. Here he moved to associate professor in 1978 and full professor in 1983. In 1990 he became a doctorate adviser. He was vice-dean of the department 1981-1987, and was elected vice-director of National Basic Arts Personnel Training and Scientific Research Base. In 1995 he founded the department of psychology in Jilin University. During his academic career, he was invited as honorary Professor in Northeast China Normal University, Nankai University, Nanjing Normal University, and dozens of other universities. He is honorary President of Jilin Province Association of Psychology, and was President of the Division of Theoretical Psychology and History of Psychology of CPS 1978-1997, vice-President of Chinese Psychological Society 1989-1997, and was elected Fellow of the CPS in 2004.

Professor Che’s academic achievements might be classified as: 1) promotion of the construction of meta-theory in psychology and the “class psychology” investigations in China, 2) initiation of the multi-cultural comparative studies of psychology between Eastern and Western cultures, 3) opening up the theoretical investigations into the psychology of the unconscious. In these fields, he published dozens of monographs and works, such as Consciousness and the Unconscious (1987), A History of Western Psychology (1996/1998), Humanistic Psychology (2000/2003), Perspectives in Western Psychology (2000), Selected Works of Che Wenbo (10 vols, 2010), and still other dozens of books as editor or editor-in-general, such as Critical Review of Freudism (1992), A New Reappraisal of Freudism (3 vols, 2018), Selected Works of Sigmund Freud  (Chinese Edition, 12 vols, 2014), Series of Books of Masters in 20-th Century Western Psychology (15 vols, 1999/2001), An Intellectual History of Western Psychology (2007), A Comparative Intellectual History of Psychology between Chinese and Other Cultural Traditions (3 vols, 2009), A Handbook of Psychotherapy (2000),An Encyclopedia of Psychological Counselling (1993/2001).

He was awarded the State Council Special Allowance (1992), Outstanding Achievement Award for Humanities and Social Sciences in Chinese Colleges and Universities, once as a Second Prize (1995), once as a First Prize (2013), Second Prize for Outstanding Achievement in National Education Sciences (1999), First Prize for Jilin Province Outstanding Social Sciences Achievement (2004), Chinese Psychological Society Lifetime Achievement Award (2003), Monical Lifetime Achievement Award from International Federation of Chinese Medical Scientist and Psychologist (2012), Chinese Psychologist Lifetime Achievement Award (2017).

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