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Houcan Zhang


Houcan Zhang is a Professor of Psychology and a Member of the University Administration Board of Beijing Normal University. She was educated at Fu-Ren University, Beijing China, 1948 and was conferred Honorary D.Sc of Fu-Jen University, Taiwan China, 2005.

Her research interests are experimental psychology, human cognition, and educational and psychological measurement. She once took the charge of the standardization of the second and fourth edition of Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) in china, and developed the Intelligence Scale for Chinese Children 3-6

Professor Zhang held the office of Vice-President and Member of the Executive Committee of International Union of Psychological Science (1996-2004); Council Member of the International Test Commission (1990-1994); President of the National Association of Educational Measurement and Statistics; Vice-President of the Chinese Psychological Society; Director of the Educational Psychology Division of the National Steering Committee of Educational Science; Dean of the Department of Psychology at Beijing Normal University.

Aside from academic roles, Houcan Zhang had served the Counselor of State Council of People’s Republic of China (1988-2005), and Member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (1993-2002). 

Houcan Zhang was awarded the Distinguished Personality of the City of Beijing. She was awarded the Worker of Excellence in Science and Technology by the National Association of Science and Technology in 2005; the Life-long Achievement Award by Chinese Psychological Society in 2001, and Life-long Achievement Award on Educational Research in 2011.

In 2016, at the 31stICP in Japan she was awarded :“IUPsyS 2016 Achievement Against the Odds Award”, and awarded “2016 ATP Global Citizen Award” in US at the Conference of Association of Test Publishers (ATP) for her work in establishing Asia-ATP.

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