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Chongde Lin


1. Personal Data

Position:Senior professor of psychology, Beijing Normal University

Telephone:+86-10-58806413                    E-mail:linchongdebnu@139.com

Affiliation:Institute of Developmental Psychology, Beijing Normal University

Mail Address:Institute of Developmental Psychology, Beijing Normal University,

19 Xinjiekouwai Street, Beijing 100875, China

2. Professional experience

● 1998-Present  Director, Division of Pedagogy and Psychology, Committee of Social   

Science, Ministry of Education, China

● 2014-present  Director, the Experts guidance Committee of Mental Health Education in

Universities, Ministry of Education, China

● 2009-2011  President, Chinese Psychological Society

● 1997-2017  Director, the Experts guidance Committee of Mental Health Education in  

Primary and Secondary Schools, Ministry of Education, China

● 1997-2008  Member of the disciplinary review group (Psychology) of Academic  

Degrees Committee of the State Council

● 1989-1999  Director, Institute of Developmental Psychology, Beijing Normal University

3. Research Interests 

● Research on the key competencies of students.

● Thinking development of children and adolescents.

● Teacher psychology research, especially professional ethics of teachers.

● Psychological guidance of primary and secondary school students after disaster.

4. Major Publications

Representative Books

● Lin, C.D. (2002).Developmental Psychology. Zhejiang Education Press, Zhejiang. (Second Edition)

● Lin, C.D. (2014). Learning and Development. Beijing Normal University Press, Beijing. (Fourth Edition).

● Lin, C.D. (2012). Lin Chongde's Selected Works in Psychology. People's Education Press, Beijing.

● Lin, C.D. (2014). Research On Psychological Assistance of Primary And Secondary School Students After Disaster. Economic science press, Beijing.

● Lin, C.D. (2018).Creativity Psychology. Beijing Normal University Press, Beijing.

Representative papers

● Lin, C. D., & Li, T. (2003). Multiple intelligence and the structure of thinking.Theory & Psychology, 13(6), 829-845.

● Lin, C. D*. (2016). Reflection on the future basic education.Curriculum, Teaching Material and Method, 36(3), 3-10.

● Lin, C. D*. (2017). The Research of Core Competencies and Values for Students in China.Studies of Psychology and Behavior, 15(2), 145-154.

● Lin,C. D.*, Wu, X. C., Chen, Q, Y. & Tian, Y. X. (2018). The construction and evaluation of Expert-Coach-Teacher collaboration model as a new trauma intervention approach.Journal of Beijing Normal University(Social Science Edition),(2), 32-40.

● Ying, L. H.,Lin*, C. D., Wu, X. C., Chen, C., Greenberger, E., & An, Y. Y. (2014). Trauma severity and control beliefs as predictors of posttraumatic growth among adolescent survivors of the Wenchuan earthquake.Psychological Trauma: Theory Research Practice & Policy, 6(2), 192-198.

5. Honor and Awards

● National excellent teachers (2006).

● National outstanding professional and technical personnel (2014).

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