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Dr. Xiaofei Xie


Dr. Xiaofei Xie is now a professor at School of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences, Peking University,China. She obtained a Ph. D from Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1994. At present, she leads the Risk Perception and Decision Making Lab of Peking University, supervising over 20 students and fellows. In recent years, Xiaofei is devoted to studying risk perception and risk communication, judgment and decision-making, and altruistic behaviors by using a variety of research methods, in both the laboratory and the field.


Her current work mainly focuses on three specific topics. The first one is self-awarded altruism, which explores the benefits of conducting altruistic behaviors and offers a model of the physical-mental relationship in crisis situations. The second one is maximizer-satisficer difference in decision-making, which investigates the differences between maximizers and satisficers when they making decisions. The third one is self-other difference in decision making, which investigates the differences between making a decision for the self and making a decision for others.

In terms of publications, her research has been featured in top psychology and management journals including the Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Frontiers in Psychology, Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Judgment and Decision Making, Journal of Health Psychology, Journal of Economic Psychology and so on.

As a scientific committee member of ICAP 2022, she would like to send kind welcome to worldwide psychological scholars. There are many excellent scholars in related fields in Beijing waiting to exchange their academic ideas. This trip to ICAP 2022 will definitely be worthy of remembering.