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Dr. Lian Rong


Dr. Lian Rong, doctoral supervisor and professor of psychology. Mainly engaged in educational psychology research. He is the president of the School of Psychology in Fujian Normal University. In the School, he is the leader of the Center for Post-doctoral Studies in Psychology and the First-level Doctoral and Master's Degree-conferring Programs of Psychology. As a Leading Talent of Social Science in Fujian Province, he is granted national allowance by the State Council.

Dr. Lian is a psychologist identified by the Chinese Psychological Society. He is an member of Chinese Psychological Society. He is an member of Chinese Society for Cognitive Science .He is a deputy director of the Division of Educational Psychology and the Division of Psychological Standards and Services within the Chinese Psychological Society. He is an editor for Acta PsychologicaSinica, Psychological Science, Psychological Development and Education.

Dr. Lian has presided 10 national and provincial research projects. He has published more than 180 academic papers as well as more than two dozens of academic works and textbooks. He has won two Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Awards in Colleges and Universities, two National Educational Science Excellence Awards, nine Fujian Provincial Social Science Outstanding Achievement Awards, three Fujian Provincial Outstanding Teaching Achievement Awards. He is awarded an “Outstanding Teacher in Universities” and a “Key Talent in Education” of Fujian Province, a “National Outstanding Teacher for the Master of Education”. 


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